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A Brief History of the Band

The band was formed in the year 2000 after a discussion between campus leaders at that year's Commencement. C. Michael Webster, Vice Chancellor of Administration & Kyle Hoffman, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni & Constituent Relations observed the overwhelming crowd response to the pipers who performed for graduation. Previously, pipers had been hired from other bands to perform at this and other events. With the move to Divsion I athletics, UCR needed its own pipers and others who could carry on the traditions of the campus while also serving as representatives of UCR at community activities. Thus the concept of a pipe band at UCR was born. Mike Terry responded to the challenge and brought together a group of talented musicians from all over Southern California to form the charter-member group of the University of California, Riverside Pipe Band.

During this early time in the band's history, the goals and mission of the band were established along with the development of a drum section.

The Charter Members of the UCR Pipe Band were:         

  • Mike Terry - Pipe Major
  • Christopher Hanlon - Pipe Sergeant
  • Heidi Hutchinson - piper
  • Robert Conacher - piper
  • Josh Taylor - piper
  • Clark Sholts - piper
  • David Gondol - piper
  • Jim Maitland - piper
  • Ron Berenschot - piper
  • Harry Moore - Drum Sergeant
  • John McArthur - snare drummer
  • Georgia Prentice - snare drummer
  • Anthony Webner - snare drummer
  • John Trujillo - snare drummer
  • Anand Moses - snare drummer
  • Bob Gordon - tenor drummer
  • Ana Trujillo - tenor drummer
  • Clark Hapeman - bass drummer
  • Joe Hosch - Drum Major

  • Others who peformed with the band during this charter year included students of both piping and drumming: Jim Cook, Tom Gondol.

    Until Commencement in 2001, the band had used kilts supplied by members of the Caledonian Pipe band in the Ancient MacLaren tartan. By June of 2001, the band was outfitted in official UCR tartan kilts, with the tartan registered shortly thereafter with the World Tartan Registry. The UCR tartan , designed by Linda Clifford , was an instant success - not only with the band but with the campus as well. Ties, hats and other merchandise sporting the blue & gold UCR tartan can be obtained at the UCR Bookstore.

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